The following informal workshops/discussions will be held in Classroom 3:

Imposter Syndrome in EA, Saturday 11:55am
Vanessa Thompkins, Effective Altruism Melbourne
Imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon whereby people feel inadequate about their abilities and accomplishments, and fear being exposed as incompetent or a ‘fraud’. In this workshop we will discuss this with reference to the EA movement, sharing experiences and strategies about managing this difficulty.

How to be a Persuasive Effective Altruist, Saturday 12:30pm
Matti Wilks, PhD Candidate, UQ               
As a community, EA delivers brilliant ideas to people to help them become better altruists. However, to be as effective as possible, we need to ensure that we are promoting these ideas persuasively. This workshop will provide practical advice from psychological theory and research to explore how we can communicate effectively to maximise engagement with EA causes.

The Odyssey Plan, Saturday 4pm
Chris Watkins, Less Wrong
An introduction to a life and career planning tool that takes the agony out of decision-making. Particularly valuable for those facing career decisions.             

Anti-Aging and EA, Sunday 10:30am
Adam Karlovksy, Less Wrong
Additional research into anti-aging and life extension technologies have been advocated by some EAs, given the huge number of people affected by death and old age every year. In this discussion we will consider the theoretical and practical aspects of these technologies, and consider to what extent such research might be a worthwhile EA cause area.        

Q&A on Global Catastrophic Risks, Sunday 11:30
Julien Leyre, Marco Polo Project / Global Challenges Foundation
What are global catastrophic risks-why should we care, what can we do about them – as a general introduction to the topic.            

Effective Individual Action on Climate Change, Sunday 12pm
Rob Murray-Leach & Carly Robertson, Energy Efficiency Council
There’s a deluge of information on climate change, and it’s hard to know how to have an effective impact as an individual. This session will look at the major factors that drive climate change and engage attendees in the question: what’s the best use of my time and resources?