Stephanie Collins

Stephanie Collins
  • Associate Professor
  • Company: Australian Catholic University

Stephanie is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Dianoia Institute of Philosophy at the Australian Catholic University. She previously held a lectureship at the University of Manchester and a visiting research fellowship at the University of Vienna, working on the ERC-funded project The Normative and Moral Foundations of Group Agency. She holds a PhD in Philosophy from the ANU and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Auckland.

The primary focus of Stephanie’s work is the philosophy of groups – i.e., how we should think about their agency, responsibility, duties, and capacities. For instance, do states or businesses act as agents? And do they have moral duties? Her side interests include feminist philosophy, moral demandingness, and the nature of individuals’ obligations in the face of moral collective action problems.

Stephanie’s paper ‘Beyond Individualism’ appeared in the recent anthology Effective Altruism, Philosophical Issues. She is also author of two books: Group Duties: Their Existence and Their Implications for Individuals (2019); and The Core of Care Ethics (2013). And she has also had her writing on organisational wrongdoing featured by the ABC.

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