Sophia Cyna

Sophia Cyna
  • Community Manager
  • Company: Effective Altruism Australia & New Zealand (EAANZ)

Sophia is the Co-Founder and lead Community Manager of Effective Altruism Australia & New Zealand (EA ANZ). Since getting involved in the local Effective Altruism community in 2015, she founded and led the EA group at the University of Sydney for two years and was a core organiser of EAGxAustralia 2017. Beyond her involvement in EA, she has worked as the sole employee of Stretch – a startup that provided car rides for children. She has also interned at Second Chance Africa, an organisation that provides evidence-based trauma treatment in Western Africa, helping them analyse their preliminary data. She currently is studying Mathematics and Economics at the University of Sydney; she also drinks too much coffee and tells terrible jokes.


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