Risto Uuk

Risto Uuk
  • Policy Researcher
  • Company: Future of Life Institute

Risto currently works as a Policy Researcher at the Future of Life Institute and focus primarily on researching policy-making on AI to maximize the societal benefits of increasingly powerful AI systems. In addition, he is an Expert in the Working Group on Future of Work at Global Partnership on AI, a Global Priorities Fellow at Forethought Foundation, and an International Strategy Forum Fellow at Schmidt Futures.

Previously, Risto worked for the World Economic Forum on a project about positive AI economic futures, did research for the European Commission on trustworthy AI, and provided research support at Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative on European AI policy. He completed a master’s degree in Philosophy and Public Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Risto also advises LSE Effective Altruism and Effective Altruism Estonia with regard to their activities on how to do the most good using reason and evidence.