Michael Plant

Michael Plant
  • PhD Candidate (Oxford), Director (HLI)
  • Company: University of Oxford; Happier Lives Institute

Michael is currently in his final year of a D.Phil in Moral Philosophy at the University of Oxford. His dissertation investigates the most effective ways for individuals and governments to increase global happiness. He also has research interests more broadly in moral philosophy, applied ethics, effective altruism, population ethics, and moral uncertainty. He blogs about his work at Planting Happiness.

When not working on his dissertation, Michael works as a Research Assistant for Peter Singer, whom he is helping to write a book on overpopulation. He has also recently founded, and directs, the Happier Lives Institute, a effective altruist research body which will use the tools of various academic disciplines to identify charities and careers which most effectively contribute to happier lives.

He has also founded a start-up – Hippo, which developed an app to track and cultivate personal happiness.


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