Katherine Savoie

Katherine Savoie
  • Co-Founder, Director of Communications
  • Company: Charity Entrepreneurship; Charity Science

Katherine Savoie is the co-founder of Charity Entrepreneurship, a startup incubator for EA charities. It provides training, seed funding, and the other things necessary to kickstart an effective nonprofit. It also is the GiveWell for what organizations to start, rather than fund, doing extensive research to identify interventions where there’s a gap that are cost-effective and evidence-based. It is funded by the Open Philanthropy Project and has helped multiple high impact charities get started, including two which have been awarded GiveWell Incubation Grants.

Katherine also co-founded Charity Science Outreach, a meta-organization that raised nine counterfactual dollars for high impact charities for every dollar spent. Subsequently, she co-founded Charity Science Health, a direct poverty charity that received multiple grants from GiveWell and has served hundreds of thousands of families in India.

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