Judith Rensing

Judith Rensing
  • Talent Systems & Foundations Specialist
  • Company: Charity Entrepeneurship

Judith is a passionate generalist energized by complex challenges & making the highest possible impact. She has a diverse professional background in project management, team leadership, academic & applied research, and digital communications.

At CE, Judith currently creates and executes highly predictive vetting processes to find top talent future charity entrepreneurs for CE’s nonprofit Incubation Program, develops content for CE’s new grantmaking foundations Incubation Program, and gives talks about charity entrepreneurship as a career path.

Previously, Judith co-built up the EA charity High Impact Athletes that raised over $300,000 USD for effective charities in its first year, co-managed a social start-up, and conducted research to identify high-impact, cost-effective charity interventions. She also holds a master’s degree in Philosophy and has worked in two bioethics research groups.

Judith is a jack of all trades (and master of none 🙂 both at work and in her hobbies – when she is not in hyper-focus mode working, you might find her running forests and mountains, backpacking, playing music, or reading books.