Hayden Wilkinson

Hayden Wilkinson
  • PhD Candidate
  • Company: Australian National University

Hayden works in the emerging field of global priorities research, both as a researcher and, previously, in operations. He spent 2018 at the newly-established Global Priorities Institute at the University of Oxford, working as their interim Head of Research Operations. He then spent a year at Princeton University as a Visiting Student Researcher, under a Fulbright Scholarship. At the moment, he is finishing up his PhD in Philosophy at the Australian National University.

Hayden’s research lies primarily within population ethics and decision theory, and his dissertation focuses on the difficulties of moral decision-making in an infinite universe. For his academic work, he has been awarded the Australasian Association of Philosophy’s prize for best postgraduate paper in 2017; as well as the inaugural Global Priorities Fellowship by the Forethought Foundation in 2019.

Apart from his academic work, Hayden co-founded and led the effective altruism groups at both the University of Queensland and Australian National University. He has also done extensive volunteer work, including as a relief worker at a refugee camp in Greece and as a firefighter with the NSW Rural Fire Service.


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