Austen Erickson

Austen Erickson
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  • Company: Austen Erickson Optimization Nexus

Saving the Universe – One Day at a Time

Austen is a freelance consultant and a part-time stay at home father to one dog. His clients have included political parties, universities, think tanks, and private businesses, and he’s advised on management and leadership, politics and policy, and data science. His past research and publications have included topics from paleomagnetism to biomathematics and he owns several extremely expensive pieces of paper, including an MSc in Applied Mathematics from Northwestern University and three BScs from the University of Rochester (in Mathematics, Physics, and Environmental Science).

When he isn’t working/looking/begging for clients, Austen loves talking at a captive audience, whether in a classroom or conference. He’s taught and spoken extensively about the science of persuasion, effective communication and movement building. Once he also gave a church sermon on Effective Altruism, marking the start (and almost certainly finish) of a brilliant career as a lay preacher.

Starting in October, Austen will be engaged in some extremely ineffective altruism when he attempts to hike Te Araroa in an effort to raise awareness of people who haven’t yet hiked Te Araroa. You can help support this important cause by hiring him when he gets back in March.

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