Alexander Saeri

Alexander Saeri
  • Research Fellow
  • Company: BehaviourWorks Australia; Monash University

Alexander is a social psychologist and behavioural scientist based at BehaviourWorks Australia, within Monash University’s Sustainable Development Institute. He specialises in experimental design and methodology, evaluation and impact assessment, and social psychological theories of behaviour change. In his research to date, he has looked into social risk factors for and buffers against depression in large-scale longitudinal datasets, and into how perceptions of others’ commitment to our work teams can influence our own commitment, as well as cooperation, engagement, and performance of the group as a whole.

He is especially interested in group processes. Namely, how do we, as individuals, synthesise the complexity and confusion of our continuous experience of the world into beliefs, identities, and behaviours? In answering this question, he seeks to use psychological insights and data to confront (and solve) complex human problems.

Alexander holds both a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons I) ad a PhD in Psychology from the University of Queensland.


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