Transhumanism in EA and beyond

Marie Reay 2.02

10:00 am - 10:30 am


Transhumanism is a profoundly influential modern philosophy and social movement. But it does an amazing job of flying under the radar, reassuringly appearing to remain kooky and on the fringe. I explain why transhumanism is a more transformative social force than most people realise and why it’s more deeply enmeshed in EA culture than we readily acknowledge.

We’ll also explore how transhumanist ways of thinking can help us understand the unique period in history we find ourselves living through. As well as questions like: What makes transhumanism such a problematic meme? How can EA culture navigate the ‘yuck factor’ that transhumanism brings with it? And I’ll explain why we can’t afford to dismiss transhumanism even if we want to.

As someone who’s recently published a book explaining why we’re living in a transhuman era (called Future Superhuman: Our transhuman lives in a make-or-break century) I’ll also reflect on what I learned – and wish I knew before I started – from communicating publicly about the big forces shaping the human future.