How to build a thriving EA community using evidence-based communication and education

Marie Reay 3.02

11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Some people in EA have a bad habit of motivating through guilt or fear. We can also make problems look so big they feel insurmountable. In some ways, this is understandable: humanity does face huge, scary problems and we want to do our best to help. But, we also want to galvanise others to work on these problems, to care about them, or to donate to them. Guilt, fear, and hopelessness are terrible motivators.
This talk discusses how we can:
create hope and confidence, instead of fear;
align EA to people’s existing values, instead of appearing to change them; and
make them feel good for when they do good things, instead of feeling guilty for ‘falling short’.
We’ll talk about evidence-based methods of communication in the way we write, present, and talk to others. Ultimately— people care about helping others, and want to be effective as they try to help—so this talk helps you learn how to give them the skills to improve the world most effectively.