Contribute to the Program

If you’d like to present a full-length talk, a lightning talk, run a workshop, or host a meetup at this year’s EAGxAustralia conference, we’d love to hear from you!


Full-length Talks

Allotted 45 minutes (including Q&A). These can address any topic relevant to effective altruism and may feature: research findings; explanations of important concepts; personal experiences which will be useful to attendees; and strategic information that will help attendees in their altruistic decision-making. We have a preference for speakers with professional and/or academic experience in the relevant field. These talks will be selected based on quality and on suitability for our programme.

Please note that applications for full-length talks will be accepted on a rolling basis and, as a result, are more likely to be accepted the earlier they are submitted. To apply, please send a 1-page summary of your proposed talk and your CV to by July 1st at the latest. We can cover accommodation and domestic travel for all accepted talks. For a limited number of talks, we will also be able to cover international travel. Please indicate in your email if you require travel funding.


Lightning Talks

Allotted 5-10 minutes and can be about any research topic or project that is relevant to effective altruism in Australia. The best lightning talks will be selected based on their importance, novelty, sophistication, and the speaker’s past experience.



Will typically be allotted 45 minutes (but may be shorter or longer if needed). These will typically be interactive and provide participants with the opportunity to learn and practice skills which will enable them to do good more effectively (e.g., ‘how to start a local EA group’, ‘how to network’).



Will be semi-formal sessions in which attendees with a common interest or identity can meet one another (e.g., ‘EAs in academia’, ‘biosecurity’). These will typically be 45 minutes in length but can be shorter or longer if needed. Meetup hosts will be expected to introduce and facilitate these sessions.

Responses to this form are due on the 1st of August. After the 1st of August, only applications of exceptional quality will continue to be considered. The best lightning talks and workshops will be selected, and applicants notified, by mid-August. Meetup hosts will also receive notification that their meetup has been approved by mid-August.


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