22-24 September

EAGxAustralia 2023

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Applications are now closed.

Ticket prices

Prices in Australian dollars (AUD) are:

  • Concession: $75
  • Standard: $150
  • Benefactor: $300

When & where

Friday the 22nd of September until Sunday the 24th of September; the University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria, Australia.


EAGxAustralia is intended for both individuals new to the movement and those already engaged with EA, and will cover a diverse range of high-impact cause areas. We believe the conference will be of particular value to those currently exploring new ways they can have an impact, such as: students, young professionals, people interested in starting impactful projects, and mid-career professionals looking to shift into EA-aligned work. We also invite established organisations looking to share their work and grow their pool of potential collaborators or hirees.

To ensure attendees get the most out of the conference, our acceptance criteria are:
  • Familiarity with the core ideas of effective altruism.
  • Interest in applying EA philosophy in your life.
  • Currently located in Australia or the broader Oceania region.

Preparing to apply

If you are newer to EA, then before applying you might consider engaging in one or more of the following activities to improve your chances of meeting our acceptance critiera: 
Some useful EA resources to check out include:
  • 80,000 hours – career-orientated advice organisation.
  • Giving What We Can – an EA organisation focused on effective charitable donations.
  • EA Forum – a space for EAs worldwide to share, discuss, and learn.
  • GiveWell – a charity evaluator focusing on global poverty.
If you are uncertain about your eligibility, don’t hesitate to apply!


More detailed information on the agenda, speakers, and content will be available closer to the conference via Swapcard and updates to this webpage.

If you want to suggest a speaker or workshop, or if you are interested in presenting at the conference, please fill out this form or reach out to the organising team at program@eagxaustralia.com.

Travel expenses

Funding is available to support travel to the conference for those that would not be able to attend otherwise. The maximum support available depends on your location, with more available for greater distances within Australia and New Zealand. 

Contact us

Anymore questions? Get in touch with us at conference@eagxaustralia.com