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How can we use our resources to do the most good?

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Julia Wise
Jade Leung
Michael Faye
Tim Fist
Tilman Ruff
Najwa Al Abdallah

Doing Good Better

  • Discover how you can do good better
  • Discuss new ideas in Effective Altruism
  • Coordinate on global and local projects
  • Meet like-minded, altruistic people

We use evidence and careful analysis to find the very best causes to work on and then help you identify how to do the most good you can, with the time and money you have.

Effective Altruism

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Conference Events

Friday Night Keynote

  • Join us at the University of Sydney Business School to kick off the conference with a public keynote presentation
  • Tickets are included for conference attendees or can be purchased separately for members of the public
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Weekend Conference

  • Two day conference with 20+ local and international speakers
  • Formats include talks, workshops, discussions, roundtables, meetups and more
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  • Week long retreat held at the beautiful small town of Pearl Beach
  • Mix of activities, co-working, strategy, projects and socialising
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Conference Location


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