Thomas King

Thomas King
  • Executive Director
  • Company: Food Frontier

Thomas is a 21-year-old speaker, campaigner and social entrepreneur who has been recognised as one of Australia’s most accomplished young change-makers.

At age 13 after learning about widespread deforestation for palm oil in Southeast Asia, Thomas created, a platform that’s gone on to reach over 2 million people across every country in the world. He has since held positions within organisations including Animals Australia, the Jane Goodall Institute Australia and the youth division of the United Nations as an advocate for environmental conservation, animal protection and poverty eradication.

Thomas’ work has extended across 5 continents, including representing Australia’s youth in a climate change film in the Arctic for IMAX and the 2015 UN Climate Summit; working with indigenous communities in the jungle of Borneo to strengthen conservation initiatives; helping lead a campaign that raised $1.6 million to alleviate extreme poverty in Cambodia; producing an award-winning short film on social change; he even volunteered as a journalist at the London Olympic Games to tell the stories of athletes from disadvantaged communities and report their progress back to their families at home.

Thomas was named VCE Leader of the Year in 2014 and Victoria’s Young Australian of the Year for 2015. Now 21, he is a campaigner, TEDx speaker and the Director of Food Frontier, an institute dedicated to accelerating the growth of innovative plant-based and ‘clean’ meat innovations across Australia and its neighbouring trade partners in Asia.

Thomas believes that ‘no matter your age, wage or level of qualification, everybody has the ability to create a meaningful impact in the world.’