About the Conference

EAGxAustralia 2018 is a conference for people who want to do good, better. Learn about and discuss the latest ideas in the field of Effective Altruism, share new research, familiarise yourself with core concepts, and coordinate on global projects with experts in creating impact.

Effective Altruism uses evidence and careful analysis to find the very best causes to work on and then help you identify how to do the most good you can, with the time and money you have. 

The conference, on the theme of Stay Curious, is a two-day inspiring, immersive experience featuring a diverse set of experts all primed to help us tackle the biggest issues in Effective Altruism via practical workshops and engaging sessions. Get to grips with cause areas such as global poverty, existential risk, and animal suffering. You’ll take away actionable advice for developing for-purpose business and making better life choices. 

EAGxAustralia is part of the Effective Altruism Global conference series. It is the fourth annual EAGxAustralia conference.

Friday Night Keynote – July 13

The Conference will kick off with a Friday night keynote speech featuring Peter Singer at the University of Melbourne. 

Saturday and Sunday Conference Sessions – July 14/15 

The Saturday and Sunday sessions will then be held at the AMREP Education Centre at the Alfred Hospital.

Saturday Night Social Event – July 14

After the Saturday session we’ll put on an event so the conversations can continue!


Please find details of all venues here.



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